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We are financial support, designed with women in mind. We are people, mostly women, who’ve been there and want to share the benefit of our experiences. We are not "your dad's guy" or another "dude in a suit".  We know there are tons of finance articles, blogs, courses, and videos out there but, we believe that sometimes you just need to talk it out - with a real person.

We offer confidential, non-judgmental support for all of your financial questions - no matter how embarrassing you might think they are. We can can help with anything from reviewing your compensation to explaining financial concepts to guiding you on how to find a good financial advisor.
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Commonly Asked Questions
Estimated time to answer:
15 min
  • Can I negotiate if the company told me a pay band?
  • How do I respond to "what are you looking to make"?
  • I just got a raise but it wasn't for as much as I was hoping, what can I do?
  • How can I determine whether I am being paid fairly compared to the market?
  • I know that I make less than my peers, how can I approach this with my boss?
Estimated time to answer:
30 min
  • What roles in the market for my skill set might allow me to earn more money?
  • Can you help me compare the pros and cons of two job offers and discuss the economic trade offs?
  • How can I talk to my boss about getting a raise vs leaving without burning a bridge?
  • How do I value my non financial benefits when reviewing a job offer?
  • What can I do to prepare for my year end review if my company told me there would be no raises?
Estimated time to answer:
45 min
  • Can I review my whole compensation package with you to find ways to negotiate more?
  • How can I formulate a strategy to reach a certain salary target over time?
  • I just finished my annual review and did not recieve what I had hoped for, how can I address this now? 
  • How do I value equity options? What is a cliff? What is a strike price? How do I get paid?
  • I have an offer for another job but I'd really like to stay with my current role but need more money, how can I use the new offer to do this?
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Meet Our Founder
Since earning her degree in finance, Emily Cangie has changed jobs and positions over 10 times – negotiating each time, some better than others. Following her MBA, she served as the Director of Business Development for a $100M+ company, running point on strategic partnerships and global pricing policies. As the COO of a growth stage company, she was involved in dozens of hiring, promotion, and compensation conversations, as well as heading up licensing, legal, operations, and finance. During this time, she fielded a buyout offer from a venture-backed startup and developed the term sheet to support a multi-million dollar global, joint-venture. She started Hey Colleen to change the way women feel, speak, and think about making money.
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On a mission to create the most inclusive, actionable, unbiased financial support,
designed with women in mind.

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